Why Cloud Computing?

  1. You can instantly create development and testing environments for each individual development teams.   Keep the dev and testing servers running for as long as you need them and then bring them down when you are done.  This provides tremendous savings and benefits including:
    1. Instant resources without the capital costs of making these resources available.
    2. Less costly support and infrastructure resources – fewer servers in your data center equals less staff, power, HVAC, rack space, and networking requirements
    3. JIT computing (just in time servers) — something rarely achieved by companies (even global multi-billion dollar corporations)
    4. 100% uptime SLA — if you go with a proven provider like CeraNet
    5. More — email sales@cera.net for more info
  2. You get access to enterprise IT security and computing power and resources at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself (DYI data center is almost never the most economical choice).  Our engineers have vast practical experience and resources available to help you with security, regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, etc.), database administration (DBA), application development, VOIP, and other specific solutions.
  3. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for costly capital expenses and ongoing maintenance that you will use 25% of the time at most.  Use a professional data center partner that offers a 100% uptime guarantee, offers services that you only pay for when you use them, upgrades their equipment and software behind the scenes to make sure you are always protected and using the best available solution, and more.  The bottom line is using someone else’s resources and only paying for what you use is almost always the better decision.

    When you need gas for your car, do you search for oil in your backyard, setup an oil derrick, figure out how to get the oil out of the ground, figure out how to convert raw oil into gas, setup a refinery, and pump the gas straight into your car???  Of course not.  Then why would you want to have your own data center?

  4. While setting a network, servers, installing software, configuring everything, and locking the server and software down with the latest security procedures is not impossible, why would you want to do that when you should be taking the kids to the park or spending the time building your business?   I’m sure you are proud of your accomplishments in growing and building your business.  Stick to what you are good at and let the professionals take care of what they are good at.  I wouldn’t want to create my logo shirts and hats, I leave that to companies that specialize in that business.

Email me to find out how we can help you – info@cera.net

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