Columbus Data Center Info

    • Facility Information
      •  Security
        • Multiple physical barriers to entry
        • Multiple check points for entry
        • 100% CCTV digitally recorded and monitored
        • 24/7/365 local and remote monitoring for physical security, physical environment, network systems, and client systems
      • 100% Raised Floor Data Center
        • All data center space built with raised floor to protect your equipment
        • Environment monitored constantly (heat, humidity, air flow, air quality)
      • Redundant HVAC / CRACK systems
        • N+2 redundancy
        • Maintained at 70 degrees + humidity maintained constantly and monitored locally and remotely
        • High capacity air handlers for maximum ventilation
      • Power
        • 100% data center space capacity UPS with power rectifier + on-site generation
        • Primary generator unlimited fuel supply via natural gas powered generation
        • Multiple automatic transfer switches
        • Each power circuit is completely separate all the way back to utility power
        • Conveniently located ¼ mile from local power company headquarters & ½ mile from a major hospital (consistent reliable utility power)
      • Flexibility
        • Only local public data center that offers space for individual servers up to multiple racks and professional support services with in-house staff of qualified and experienced engineers.
        • Custom configuration for ‘as needed’ services (both hot and cold for disaster recovery)
        • Fiber to your equipment with guaranteed network speeds up to 10Gbps
        • Grow rack space as needed vs one size fits all
        • Owned and operated by CeraNet so we have the flexibility of providing what you need, when you need it.
        • Work space, office space, conference room, connectivity, phone systems available for client use.
    • Network Information
      • Connectivity
        • Multiple high-speed fiber connections connected into separate service rings
        • OC-48 TDM service connected into separate service rings
        • Traditional telecom services available with current carriers
        • Multiple DMARCs for custom connectivity
      • Core Routing and Switching
        • Redundant Cisco core routers and switches (CAT6 + Fiber)
        • Network designed for maximum redundancy, high availability, and low latency
        • 24/7/365 local and remote monitoring
        • Experienced engineers on hand 24/7/365 to pinpoint issues before they impact service
        • Custom configuration and services available
  • Services
    • Dedicated & private cloud infrastructure consulting and setup
    • Colocation for individual servers, racks, and multiple racks
    • Private and public cloud servers
    • Managed services (hardware and software)
    • Custom consulting and advanced support for:
      • Network design and implementation
      • Load balanced and clustered services
      • Managed firewall and virtual private networks
      • Software as a Service (SaaS) & Application as a Service (AaaS)
      • Application development
      • Database servers and dynamic application services
      • VOIP and call center applications
    • Data center centric disaster recovery and business continuity consulting and implementation
    • Consulting and implementation with data center related regulatory compliance issues (PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, SOX, and systems with public records requirements)

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