Small & Mid Size Business Solutions

CeraNet offers cloud computing servers and hosted services that are fully supported and maintained to create and run your online presence, allowing you to reach new customers without more IT burden and knowing that your technology investments today will be good tomorrow.

How CeraNet Can Help You

  • CeraNet cloud computing and hosted services allow you to compete with large organizations with limited resources and budgets.
  • CeraNet services allow you stay focused on your core competencies and serving customers, rather than managing technology infrastructures or an IT department.
  • CeraNet cloud servers allow you to skip the upfront capital intensive equipment purchases and enable you to pay for exactly the resources you need and use with little to no overhead.
  • You can take advantage of CeraNet’s¬†expertise to help plan, manage, integrate, optimize, and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure.

What We Can Provide

  • Reseller hosting services for clients with multiple sites
  • Website and email hosting
  • Firewall and Virtual Private Network – managed and unmanaged
  • Cloud servers – Windows, CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, and many others
  • Dedicated servers – Windows & Linux
  • Equipment colocation for DIY solutions
  • Specialty solutions for clients running e-commerce sites (PCI compliant solutions), electronic medical records systems (HIPAA compliant solutions), and much more
  • Solutions consulting to help you design and develop the technical infrastructure for your sites and applications
  • Server, software, and solution management options

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