Cloud Computing

The ‘cloud’ is one of the fastest growing waves of innovation available to companies today – helping businesses like yours achieve a much more secure, agile, and cost-efficient infrastructure than ever before.  Now, imagine being able to work with a trusted hosting partner, like CeraNet, to help accelerate the benefits of cloud computing without having to own or support single server.

Our hosted private cloud based on Microsoft’s Windows Server® 2008 R2 with Hyper-V™ and System Center 2012 can give you the flexible, secure, and highly available infrastructure you need to drive your business ahead – without the added hassle and cost of managing and maintaining it yourself.

Greater Agility

Quickly scale your infrastructure as your business needs evolve. Rapidly develop, test, and deploy your applications on your private cloud or between our servers while using the same set of familiar tools. CeraNet hosted private cloud puts you in command of your IT resources instead of your IT resources controlling you.

We help small to mid-sized companies create a more agile IT infrastructure by setting up an easy to use control panel tied into our state of the art infrastructure, which gave them the ability to allocate and structure server resources quickly.

More Savings

Expand and contract resources on command – when you want, where you want – to meet your business and budget goals. Know in an instant exactly how your IT resources are being utilized with no expensive surprises at the end of the month. Our hosted private cloud will give you a predictable way to budget for your IT infrastructure, so you can grow your business rather than your overhead.

Fewer Headaches

Centralize and extend the reach of your applications and data across multiple business functions and geographic areas. Enjoy rapid, enterprise levels of availability while decreasing your physical and virtual server footprint. Our hosted private cloud solutions free up your IT department to focus on things that actually drive your businesses growth instead of spending it on endless, demanding maintenance and management issues.

Next Step: a free demo of our cloud services

We want to offer you a free demo of our control panel and infrastructure that will allow you to see the benefits of our cloud environment, and take advantage of our ability to rapidly provision a dedicated test environment to evaluate how one of your applications or services can benefit.

Call 614-856-2096 / 1-877-CERA-NET or send us your information via the form below to get started!

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