Equipment Colocation

Co-Location Services use servers and equipment that are the property of you, the client, while rack space, bandwidth, power, and Ethernet ports are from CeraNet. You, the client, are responsible for supplying replacement parts, hot swappable hardware, and all required software licenses.

CeraNet offers colocation for individual servers, switches, routers, and associated equipment, full racks, and multiple equipment racks.

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Why use a professional data center for co-location service?

Cost Savings It is very capital-intensive to build even a simple data center or computer room.  You need to have proper power, UPS, connectivity, and cooling to even get started.  There are also extensive ongoing costs for equipment maintenance, support staff, and ever-increasing energy costs.  Companies who offer server colo services already made the investment to offer these services so you can use your capital and time to focus on your core business.

Security CeraNet ensures your critical information is safe. Our data center is monitored 24-7.  Your systems should be housed in a data center, with redundant air cooling and filtering systems, designed to run even when the local utility power is out. Our data center is located in an area of the country that is rarely effected by mother nature.  We  built our infrastructure to withstand natural disasters, earth quakes, tornadoes, and other emergencies.

Connectivity With colocation, there is no sharing of bandwidth, memory, hard drive capacity, or any other hardware allowing your server to run at its highest capacity. CeraNet offers redundant high-speed, fiber optic internet connections to make sure that your information is readily accessible for your use or your customers use.  We provision reliable connections to make sure the response speed of your server will be at the highest levels possible.

Reliability The life of hardware is often limited by poor ventilation or bad power feeds.  We offer a climate controlled environment and Liebert power conditioning / UPS systems to make sure you get the most from your equipment.  CeraNet also provides colo hosting with access to advanced monitoring tools and custom management options.  Our service and support engineers are highly qualified & experienced in real world technology applications.  We work with our customers to make sure their equipment runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Location Independence Building a data center is expensive and time-consuming.  The best part about server colocation is that your server can be ‘anywhere’, as long as you have a good internet connection in your office you can work off the server in our data center.  It also allows you to move your growing business to new offices without the requirements for advanced network infrastructure or a data center of your own.

Increased Flexibility CeraNet colocation offers you the flexibility to upgrade your technology and server environment as your business needs change  without having to make time-consuming and resource intensive additions to your own data center.

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