Hybrid Cloud Data Center

Why you should use Hybrid Cloud Services


CeraNet hybrid cloud services are designed to offer resources (servers, processing power, storage, custom firewall & virtual private networks, hosted services, etc.) exactly when you need them.  When you need a new development, testing, or production platform you can instantly setup a new server with your exact specifications.  Traditional IT infrastructure solutions take weeks to decide what kind of equipment to order, order it and have it shipped in, and have valuable resources install and configure software.  CeraNet cloud servers & hosted applications give you the ability to instantly react to changes in your business.


You can change resource allocations instantly to meet demand.  If your web site or application is experiencing unexpected strong volume, you can easily add resources.  When demand is back to normal, you can take away the resources to save costs. It’s an OPEN solution where you can use existing dedicated or colocated equipment for specific purposes (compliance, special security setup, etc.) and tie them in with cloud servers and hosted services to create your very own custom virtual data center. One of the greatest strengths of the CeraNet hybrid cloud computing platform is its’ unique ability to empower users with complete control and flexibility.


There are significant economic benefits from using cloud computing services – directly through reduced costs and indirectly by allowing for increased focus on core business functions.

Direct costs include the cost of infrastructure, equipment, software licensing, and human resources.  Initial startup costs are lower than traditional solutions as you are not responsible for building out the data center, paying for resources that are not using (backup servers, networking gear, generators, etc.).  Reoccurring costs are considerably lower since you are not responsible for the facilities, networking, and management functions.  According to recent industry studies systems run in a cloud environment experience a savings of over 30% compared to traditional deployments.

Indirect costs primarily include delays to market for new systems and current system enhancements – as with most business situations timing is critical especially for IT systems.

Advantages of CeraNet Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions

  • High availability infrastructure with redundancy built-in
  • Utilizes proven software and hardware technologies
  • Fully customizable to suit your needs
  • HIPAA / PCI / SOX compliant solutions
  • Control of dedicated + colocated equipment, cloud servers, and hosted services with one easy to use control panel.
  • Complete managed solutions available (not just remote eyes + hands)

CeraNet Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure Overview

CeraNet’s hybrid-cloud hosting infrastructure features redundant systems for power, ventilation and air condition, physical security, 24/7/365 live monitoring and support, networking, processing, as well as storage and data backup services.  We use top of the line Cisco, Dell, HP, and Liebert equipment to ensure top performance and reliability.  CeraNet offers an industry leading SLA that guarantees your service is available 100% of the time.

Hybrid Data Center Advantages

Go Green with Cloud Services

Rather than paying for under-utilized servers, each dedicated to a specific workload, cloud servers allow those workloads to be consolidated onto a smaller number of more efficiently systems.

Save money by limiting server administration requirements, use less valuable data center space, and less expensive kilowatts of power.

Virtualization saves energy, space, and time

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