Hosted Exchange

CeraNet has provided Microsoft® Hosted Exchange services for businesses since 1996. We offer Exchange Server services for all ranges of businesses from the most active large-scale enterprise to the family run business.

The Benefits of Hosted Exchange™

Portability – your email, contacts, and calendar are always within reach simply with an internet connection. No need to lug your laptop into the office to synch up before an important business trip!

Cost – Tired of unending software and hardware upgrades? Don’t want to make another large restrictive purchase and tie up your valuable cash? When you use Hosted Exchange™, you only buy the service – the server stays with CeraNet, and we take care of all software updates and machine maintenance.

Ease of Use – Hosted Exchange provides the most effective method for calendar, contact, and email folder sharing within your company. Need to schedule an inter-departmental meeting? – don’t waste time calling or emailing everyone for their availability! Simply select the attendees and browse their schedules to find a mutually available time. Best of all, Hosted Exchange™ works with your current Microsoft® Outlook software and requires little training to become comfortable with its features.

How to get started

Does Hosted Exchange sound like something that could increase productivity at your company? To sign up for Microsoft® Hosted Exchange services as part of our dedicated server offerings, all you need to do is contact us today! After signing up for Hosted Exchange; with CeraNet, you will have access, by phone, to our 24/7/365 customer service should you have any questions or problems. A trained member of our staff will offer a lesson to your designated employees either online or at your place of business on the features and functionality of Hosted Exchange to make sure that you’ll get full use out of the service.

Here is some more info on our Hosted Exchange Service:

  • 100% uptime SLA backed by a high availability Cloud environment with multiple levels of redundancy, security, and scalability
  • Complete control panel to add/change/delete accounts and account features (as well as other services like DNS, cloud based servers, web hosting space, etc.)
  • Spam + Virus filtering with all mail delivered to each account and sorted according to each accounts rules (Junk Mail folder, etc.)
  • Managed hardware and software service
  • 24/7/365 live support via phone, email, support ticket, etc.
  • Migration tools and most importantly support with the migration process (you can send us the data and we can import it locally or you can do it over your connection)
  • Shared resources, ActiveSync, OWA web interface, and all the other services you expect from Exchange

Cost: 5gb storage for $12 per month ($11 if paid annually) or 10gb for $14 per month ($13 if paid annually).

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