Economical Service

Far too many technology and data center companies are about providing something that ‘works’ within their technology limitations, fitting customers needs into their limitations, and generally providing more storage or bandwidth for less $$$ per month.   This only serves to accelerate the ‘race to the bottom’ where providers margins are squeezed further and further, support and customer services are cut out of the equation, and customer perception of the entire industry erodes to a point where they don’t understand the difference between paying for good service with an outstanding support system behind it and going with the lowest cost commodity.

Discount data center / hosting services may work for some people that are not running mission critical applications.  It DOES NOT work well for most others.   Just about every day we hear from individuals who tell us that they are suffering from the impacts of going with the lowest cost commodity (downtime, no support, their needs have changed but the discount provider cannot customize their services to meet the demand, etc.).  If that is what you need, then you need to find someone that is willing to take on more than the minimum, provide top notch services and support, and you have to willing to pay fair value for it.

Contact us at if you are looking for a custom solution for your data center needs!

P.S. – Seth Godin has many good points in his books about being remarkable, purple cows, creativity, and creating art.  CeraNet thrives on working with you to create custom solutions that meet your needs at the most economical cost available.

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