Troubleshooting as an ART

One of the most critical issues when looking for a technology vendor (and hopefully partner) is their ability to troubleshoot issues and provide real solutions.   Troubleshooting is an art that requires a background in science, communications, and creativity.   Generally it is looked at as a skill or learned knowledge set.   While it does require specific skills and a good knowledge base of articles to reference, it is not a simple straight forward process.   If it was, there would be a straight forward set of instructions in a manual to follow to fix the problem and would not be ‘trouble’ and would not need ‘shooting’.

At CeraNet, we help our clients troubleshoot problems with the following guidelines:

1) Communicate with our clients to gain an understanding of the problem at hand
2) Then use straight forward science to reverse engineer the problem & knowledge of similar issues to diagnose the problem
3) Use our creativity to come up with possible solutions
4) Communicate with the client to decide the best solution to implement
5) Implement the best possible solution
6) Test to ensure success

This type of process works for just about every problem & can be completed in as little as a couple of minutes for low impact issues.  So the next time you are faced with troubleshooting a problem, give this a try OR contact us at for help with the process.

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